Fishing Report

During the ten years we have been fishing Lake Huites the fishing has been consistently good.  As with all impoundments that hold bass some days are better than others but to date we have not had a group who did not catch a sizeable number of bass, and in many instances the biggest bass of their lives came from Lake Huites.  Once you get accustomed to the structure of the lake you can catch bass with about any type of lure you like to throw. The fishing has improved over the years with bigger bass on average being taken each year. We at El Pescador arenít going to promise you 300 bass per day or that we can guarantee you will catch a 10 lb hawg but we do believe you will have a memorable fishing experience and will have the opportunity to catch some quality bass and have a lot of action while doing so. Who knows, maybe you will catch that bass of a lifetime during your trip to El Pescador.

Many clients ask about commercial fishing in the lakes in Mexico.  Lake Huites like all Mexican lakes including Agua Milpa, Baccarat, Comedero, Guerrero and El Salto permit commercial nets to be used. Despite the inconvenience that the nets sometimes create fishing remains excellent in most of these lakes. Would it be better without the nets? Probably, but we must remember we are their guests and the commercial fishing is an economic must for
many Mexican families. We have fished a number of Mexican lakes over the past 10 years and feel that Lake Huites is one of the best, if not the best managed lake in all of Mexico. We are, to our knowledge, the only lake where the lodge owners must pay a use tax for each fisherman we take to Lake Huites. Parts of the proceeds are used to patrol the lake to ensure that nets are only being used during designated dates and that any illegal nets are pulled. We do not personally know of any other lakes in the area where nets are regulated  to this extent. The bottom line is that despite the nets the bass are doing well and fishing is productive with the nets in place and one should not let the fact that nets are in the lakes discourage you from experiencing some great bass fishing.

The point of all this is that our fishing report per se would be rather redundant as long as the fishing conditions remain consistent with what they are today. Our fishing report will consist of news from the lake as to weather and water conditions and photos of recent guests and there catches. If you choose to book with El Pescador for your first or next trip to Mexico we will provide you with a list of lures /techniques that are being used successfully at the time of your visit. We look forward to seeing you soon and would very much like to post your trophy photo on the fishing report page. Hope to see you soon!


The shoreline varies from steep cliffs to low lying brush covered shores.



Can you see a spot you would like to cast your favorite plug?  There are over 200 miles of this type of shoreline cover.


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